Cotton Production Technology training was conducted for Agricultural Professionals
Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Processing, Preservation and Value Addition course started for females on 1st March 2017
51th Certificate in Information Technology started for agricultural Professionals and rural community


Our team has designed audiovisual Training hall for a variety of needs including; farmers training, in-service officers/officials courses, rural/urban women programmes, large meetings, educational sessions and other events.
RAEDC library provides academic assistance both to the trainers and trainees from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Library attracts a reasonable number of readers due to its well managed cataloguing system, comfortable study environment and informative material.
&We have a well managed computer laboratory, established on October, 1996. The lab is used for scheduled classes for in-service officers/officials, agricultural professionals, farmers and private students.
RAEDC has a demonstration farm where different crops like cotton, wheat, rice, maize, sorghum & vegetables etc are grown using the latest agriculture technologies and the trainees are given an opportunity to observe the results of application
Regional Agricultural Economic Development Centre (RAEDC) has adopted a systematic approach to organize courses, right from the need assessment of the trainees till the evaluation of courses.
The main function of RAEDC is to impart training. Following training programmes are being undertaken at the Institute.
Eligibility Criteria
For computer literacy programme the participants must have matriculation and preferably belonging to farming community.
How to Apply
All the courses are advertised through electronic & print media, pamphlets and nominating agency of agriculture department.
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