Training Hall

Our team has designed audiovisual Training hall for a variety of needs including; farmers training, in-service officers/officials courses, rural/urban women programmes, large meetings, educational sessions and other events. The hall is equipped with specialized instructional technology equipment (Multimedia, LED, camera, audio recording system, scanner and white board), allowing the resource person to make very specific ‘on the fly’ comments and save these for the participants for later distribution. The hall is also meant for meetings and hands on training of the participants.


RAEDC library provides academic assistance both to the trainers and trainees from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Library attracts a reasonable number of readers due to its well managed cataloguing system, comfortable study environment and informative material. The books are classified according to the internationally adopted DDC classification system into Sections and sub Section keeping in view the ease and simplicity for the readers. It’s an attractive building with a main hall, two attached offices and two stores.
List of library books

Computer Laboratory

We have a well managed computer laboratory, established on October, 1996. The lab is used for scheduled classes for in-service officers/officials, agricultural professionals, farmers and private students. Capacity in computer labs ranges from thirty to thirty-five participants. The lab is fully equipped with specialized instructional technology equipment (LED, Multimedia projector, camera, scanner and white board). It' s a beautiful main hall with two attached rooms for officers/lab staff and one store room.

Demonstration Farm

RAEDC has a demonstration farm of 10 acres where research on different crops like cotton, wheat, rice, maize, sorghum & vegetables etc is carried out using the latest agriculture technologies and the trainees are given an opportunity to observe the results of application as “seeing is believing” thus youth trained through courses and practical demonstration could be of tremendous help when self employed at their own farms or others as they can display use of latest technology in crop production to their fellow growers. This way modern crop production technique will spread more quickly and efficiently as compared to other methods.


The RAEDC has a large auditorium that can seat over 300 participants in theater-style which is one of the largest facilities of its kind in Vehari. It includes a stage, a projector room, visitor gallery, two attached rooms & a big hall suitable for mega gathering, farmer days, special lectures, convocations, large meetings, seminars, and catered events of all kinds. The hall is designed, much as everything at the Training Center, with modularity in mind and well ventilated. The tables and chairs are not fixed to the floor and can be set up in any configuration needed.