Farmers Training Programme

Farmer training improves the profitability of the farm by improving technical skills, knowledge, attitude and behavior. Training is an investment in people to increase knowledge in farm management and improve human resource planning. It is important to disseminate information about new technologies so that farmers become enable to make use of the latest agricultural developments. There also exists a gap between research findings and the demand of farmers. The main objective of RAEDC training is to transmit latest technical know-how to farmers to increase their yield and ultimately income of the farming community. The pace of technology transfer can only be matched if the farming community is trained at the same speed. Keeping in view these points farmers training courses are being arranged by RAEDC as:


  • Farm management
  • Mali cum beldar
  • Seed production technology
  • Integrated pest management
  • Floriculture and landscape


  • Farm record keeping & future planning
  • Cotton production technology
  • Safe use of pesticides
  • Rabi crops production technology
  • Post harvest losses in wheat and management
  • Stored grain pests and their management
  • Fertilizer application techniques
  • Orchard floor management, rings and bund system
  • Canopy management in mango
  • Citrus orchard management
  • Insect pests & diseases in Mango & Citrus orchards
  • Farm seed production
  • Profitabel canola production
  • Guava orchard management
  • ​Kitchen gardening