RAEDC has framed its functions as

  • To identify and analyze regional problems and offer solution through capacity building opportunities.
  • To organize programmes for the development of activities and solution as “Rural Income Augmentation is no longer a function of land, it is a function of mind”.
  • To stimulate and promote economic development of agriculture sector in the Vehari region.
  • At the time of establishment of RAEDC it was suggested that this new organization should focus on the economic development of agricultural sector through HRD in the Punjab province. The proposed Centre will be unique, innovative and will serve as a model for the other provinces of Pakistan. Eventually, the Centre will be made open for participants of friendly countries.
  • To diffuse and share agriculture innovation technology among serving agricultural practitioners and farmers for management of agriculture knowledge economy through adaptive synergistic organizational culture.
  • To develop human capital which is a precious commodity that plays a vital role within organizations and contribute directly to the success or failure of any organization.
  • To organize hands-on training programmes for farmers, rural/urban women and departmental staff in the overall farming systems perspective.
  • To organize Career development Courses for new entrants (Officers/Officials) in the agriculture department.