In-Service Training Programme

The Human Resource Development (HRD) plays a cordial role in every organization especially working for the socio-economic uplift of rural community. The goal of HRD is to improve the performance of organizations by maximizing the efficiency and performance of employees by developing their knowledge and skills, actions and standards, motivation, attitudes and working environment. So that they can mobilize the stagnant environment of organizations and farming community as well.

The main objective of RAEDC is to take part in the economic development of farmers of the region by brain storming not only the farming community but also of the professionals who are supposed to educate them. To achieve these objectives, in-service training programmes have been planned for updating technical knowledge/skills of the agriculture scientists, researchers, master trainers, private interested agri. businessmen and farming community (small & medium farmers and farm manager of absentee land lord).


RAEDC has planned to offer following versatile career development courses:

  • Early career development course (ECDC)
  • Mid career development course (MCDC)
  • Advance course for Executive (ACE)
  • Computer literacy programme
  • Office Management
  • ​IPM modules