Regional Agricultural Economic Development Centre (RAEDC) Vehari was established in 1991. The aim of this Center was to upgrade the technical skills of farmers as well as employees of Agriculture Department through imparting training in the related disciplines. The training programmes of this centre are based on need assessment, which is made through diagnostic surveys being carried out, off and on by social sciences division of the Centre. The two way approach has been followed for assessing farmers’ technology know-how requirements and thus planning for training at RAEDC is through feed-back information.

Vehari is in a somewhat remote area in southern Punjab. It has termendous potential in agriculture. In 1987-88 Vehari district sole production of cotton was 1.5 million bales which was in excess to whole province Sindh production being 1.2 million bales. The Honorable Chief Minister Punjab Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif was very pleased over such overwhelming results by the Vehari zone. Chief Minister was requested by the people to provide an institution for the development of agriculture in the region. Following consultation with the Secretary Agriculture, the Chief Minister promised to establish an Agricultural Management School. A detail study was organized with the promising growers and other groups in the region to determine the role of the proposed institute and decided that the new organization should focus on the economic development of agriculture sector in Punjab province with a humble start from Vehari. The proposed Centre will be unique, innovative and will serve as a model for the other provinces of Pakistan. Eventually, the Centre will be made open for participants of friendly countries.