Rural & Urban Women Uplift Programme

Rural Women Training Programme

The development of any country depends on its education and skilled man power. 75% of population lives in rural areas in Pakistan. Almost 50% of the populations are women. Women in our country traditionally accomplish tasks of running the household by managing resources and helping the men folk in agricultural operations. It is time to address the issue why women cannot play the same role as men in the society. By any logical standard, role of women is equally important as that of men. Thus 50% of the population of our country is neglected. The rural population migrates invariably to urban areas due to lack of employment opportunities in rural areas. Majority of the rural women’s are school dropouts who lack in productive skill. So rural women are an important component in the context of rural development. There is need to have effective and active participation of females in the social life of the rural community. So we must encourage them by providing and equipping them with some skills. RAEDC can not ignore this issue. Following short courses are being offered for the development of women skill.

  • Fruits and Vegetables Preservation
  • Kitchen Gardening
  • Clean Cotton Picking and Safety Measures
  • Honey Bee Keeping
  • Safety Measures regarding use of Pesticides
  • Preparation of Compost from Kitchen Wastage
  • Management of Household Plants

Urban Women Training Programme

Education and skills are keys of achieving economic and social prosperity. RAEDC can not ignore the role of women in society. Keeping in view the importance of women role, RAEDC is organizing the training programmes for urban women including college and school girls, female teachers, and house wives. This program will definitely help in reducing their household budget expenditure. Through these trainings they will also be involved in healthy activities. Following one week training programs are arranged for urban women.

  • Fresh Fruits and vegetables processing and preservation
  • Organic Kitchen Gardening
  • Dehydration  of fruit  and vegetable