Training Calendar

RAEDC offers a variety of courses designed on the basis of needs assessment. Up to date teaching methods have been adopted to make the training process more successful. The institute is constantly bringing improvements in its training activities to cope with the newly rising challenges.




  • Certificate in Information Technology
  • Book fair & exhibition


  • Production technology of cotton for professionals (04 days)
  • Integrated pest management (IPM) in cotton
  • Management practices in dairy farming
  • Pre feasibility of dairy farming (concept analysis)
  • Cotton crop management for professionals (01 week)


  • Health and nutrition
  • White fly management
  • Stored grain pests entomology and control
  • Livestock farming
  • Classification of pure seed
  • Analysis of factor effecting crop production
  • Fattening of animals
  • Revival of cotton
  • Sap management in mango


  • Weeds eradication campaign
  • Health and care (03 months)
  • Fresh fruits & vegetables processing, preservation and value addition (03 months)
  • Certificate in Information Technology (03 months)
  • Summer vegetables
  • Guava orchards management (03 days)
  • Off season management of White fly
  • Post harvest losses in wheat and their management


  • Off season management of Pink boll worm (02 days)
  • Mango orchards management for professionals (01 week)
  • Citrus orchards management for professionals (01 week)
  • Parameters of mammalian toxicity in pesticides (02 days)


  • Farm Management (03 months)
  • Landscape and floriculture (03 months)
  • Production technology of major crops for professionals (01 week)
  • Fruits and vegetables processing and preservation
  • Kitchen gardening
  • Weed monitoring campaign phase-II




  • Health and care for females (03 months)
  • Rural poultry farming
  • Dehydration of vegetables
  • Certificate in Information Technology (03 months)
  • Pre feasibility of livestock business
  • Pink boll worm management
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables processing and preservation (01 week)



  • Wheat sowing and fertilizer management
  • Clean cotton picking and safety measures
  • Mid career development (01 week)
  • Farm operations like seed processing, cleaning, nursery transplantation, weeding, harvesting
  • Balanced use of fertilizer
  • Farm management (03 months)
  • Salinity and drought management
  • Integrated resistance management
  • Wheat production technology
  • Citrus management
  • Rural poultry farming (01 week)


  • Kitchen gardening
  • Benefit cost analysis in agriculture sector
  • Importance of precision land levelling
  • Fruits and vegetables processing and preservation in different forms (01 week)
  • Early career development course (02 weeks)
  • Wheat monitoring campaign Phase-I


  • Pink boll worm management
  • Production technology of bitter gourd
  • Sugarcane production technology
  • Health and nutrition
  • Clean cotton picking and safty measures
  • Tunnel technology
  • Silage preparation and management
  • Milk collection, processing, storage and marketing
  • Kitchen gardening


  • Health and beauty care (02 weeks)
  • IPM of field crops and manipulation of beneficial fauna
    Rice agronomy
    Ornamental plants & landscaping
  • Beneficial fauna of cotton
  • Weed floor management in mango orchard
    Cotton crop management & balance fertilizer
    Farm mechanization
  • Insects pests of rice and their IPM
    Silage making
    Agri produce storage
    Certificate in information technology (03 months)


  • Fresh fruits and vegetables processing and preservation (01 week)
  • Production technology of rice
  • Fruit fly management
  • Dengue eradication campaign
  • Marketing of agriculture produce
  • Nutrients management in mango orchard